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Psychedelics Courses helps you find the right course. Do you want to become a psychedelic guide, learn the basics about psychedelics, or take a course on psychedelic integration? Search below to find what you were looking for!

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Psychedelics Courses lists all the courses, lectures, and educational opportunities around psychedelics that are available. If you're looking for in-person training, an introductory online course, something quick or in-depth, psychedelics courses has them listed.

Psychedelics Courses is a free project by Blossom. This website is regularly updated and if you have any corrections or new courses to add you can send us a quick email.

If you want to add a course or have a course featured (at the start of the page and search), then go to the Add a course page.

This website doesn't include some other great resources, mostly lecture series/webinars. You can check some of them out at Mind Foundation (regular webinars), Kahpi (ayahuasca courses), Spiritual Compentency Resource Center (mini-courses, currently not working in Chrome).

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