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Oregon Training in Psychedelics

Since Janaury 2023, facilitation of services with psilocybin-containing mushrooms is possible in the state of Oregon. The professionals who can offer these services are aptly named "psilocybin services facilitator". Here we list the courses that one can take to become a facilitator in Oregon.

These are the programs that are approved by the Oregon Health Authority and adhere to at least the following criteria of "... including a minimum of 160 hours of coursework, with 40 hours of in-person practicum and 120 hours of online coursework covering topics such as safety, ethics, and pharmacology."


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List of Courses for Oregon Psychedelic Practitioners Training

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Psychedelics Today Icon

Psychedelics Today

Vital Psychedelic Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic facilitator training, build your community, experience psychedelics (optional), psychedelic history & science

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Saba Cooperative Icon

Saba Cooperative

Interfaith Psilocybin Facilitator Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic guidance, interfaith integration, energetic space management, participant autonomy, mystical tool use, cross-cultural understanding, ethical conduct, journey facilitation, spiritual practices, licensure compliance

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Entheogen Institute Icon

Entheogen Institute

Psilocybin Therapy 101: The Foundation

Skills you'll gain: psilocybin facilitation, psychedelic history, integrating psychedelic experiences

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Bodhi Academy Icon

Bodhi Academy

Oregon Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator Training Program

Skills you'll gain: to be determined

course image
Innertrek Icon


Oregon Psilocybin Facilitator Training

Skills you'll gain: psilocybin administration, group facilitation, core facilitation skills, foundational knowledge, intake and orientation, varieties of experience, integration, ethics and responsibilities

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Mending Mindcelium Icon

Mending Mindcelium

Mending Mindcelium’s Facilitator Training Program

Skills you'll gain: safe psilocybin administration, facilitating client comfort, history and foundational knowledge, practical facilitation skills, examination assessment, competency in creating comfortable setting, asynchronous and synchronous learning

course image
Leela School of Awakening Icon

Leela School of Awakening

The Psilocybin Facilitator Program

Skills you'll gain: heart-to-heart therapy, trauma-informed skills, hypnotherapy, plant medicine guidance, transcendence, self-realization, community support, symptom removal, ego strengthening, emotional trauma healing, ego transcendence, fulfillment

course image
Synaptic Icon


Psilocybin Training Program

Skills you'll gain: facilitator licensure, journal club, practical experience, group supervision, community building, healing and growth, veterans and BIPOC support

course image
Subtle Winds Icon

Subtle Winds

Psilocybin Facilitator Training Project

Skills you'll gain: psilocybin facilitation, oregon facilitation, harm-reduction, humanistic therapy

course image
Earth Medicine Center Icon

Earth Medicine Center

Psilocybin Assisted facilitator Licensure Preparation Program

Skills you'll gain: working with psilocybin, ecological perspective, relational framework, preparation, experiencing fungi, integrating experience, intentional connection, human behavior, networks of life, family, social, cultural contexts, mentorship, connections, learning community, hybrid classes

course image
Clinical Cognitive Facilitator Training Icon

Clinical Cognitive Facilitator Training

Psilocybin Facilitator Training

Skills you'll gain: facilitator skills, psilocybin pharmacology, cultural and societal equity

course image
Changa Institute Icon

Changa Institute

Oregon Psilocybin Facilitation Training Program

Skills you'll gain: facilitation skills, psychedelic medicine, mental health benefits, group management, experiential learning, peer connections, expert supervision, state requirements, professional development, therapeutic experiences

course image
Awaken Aba Icon

Awaken Aba

Awaken Aba Training

Skills you'll gain: to be determined

course image
Alma Institute Icon

Alma Institute

Alma Institute Facilitator Training Program

Skills you'll gain: trauma-informed care, facilitating psychedelic experiences, supporting psychedelic integration, screen and prepare clients

course image
Psychedelic Sitters School Icon

Psychedelic Sitters School

Psychedelic Guide Training

Skills you'll gain: understanding psychedelic therapy, guiding psychedelic sessions, conducting mindfulness practices, creating psychedelic cannabis blends, setting therapeutic space, using musical prompts, handling ketamine experiences, handling N,N-DMT experiences, managing group sessions, integrating psychedelic experiences, applying safety guidelines

course image
Fluence Icon


Certificate in Psilocybin-assisted Therapy

Skills you'll gain: psilocybin-assisted therapy, harm reduction and integration, trauma-informed therapy, research-based methodology, professional learning environment, live in-person and live-online components, individualized feedback, online classrooms, licensing exam

course image
Berkeley University Icon

Berkeley University

Certificate Program in Psychedelic Facilitation

Skills you'll gain: spiritual care, psychotherapeutic methods, entheogenic traditions, clinical science, diversity, equity, inclusion, contemplative science, ethics, reciprocity, ecological awareness, psychedelic facilitation, positionality, cultural sensitivity, service, community engagement, critical social consciousness,

course image
IPI Icon


IPI Online Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training

Skills you'll gain: psilocybin facilitation, oregon pat training, therapist training, therapeutic processes

course image
Atma Journey Icon

Atma Journey

ATMA Advanced Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT) Certification Program

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic therapy providing, didactic curriculum, in-person coaching, clinical trial participation, multiple perspectives understanding, regulatory approval, advanced training, online coursework, live sessions, clinical trial insights, professional reference.

course image
Synthesis Icon


Psychedelic Practitioner Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic facilitation, legal competencies, professional ethics, research-backed, wisdom-rich, somatically-informed, heart-centred, preparation, set, setting, integration, safety

course image
SoundMind Icon


SoundMind Psychedelic Facilitator Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic session facilitation, hands-on experience, clinical experience

Information on Oregon Psychedelics Training Courses

As of January 1st, 2023, the state of Oregon has approved nearly 20 facilitator training courses for individuals interested in becoming "psilocybin services facilitators" as part of the state's Measure 109 (M109) program. The M109 program, launched in January, will allow adults 21 and over to take psilocybin for a variety of reasons. In order to ensure the safety and responsibility of the program, Oregon has introduced the role of a "psilocybin services facilitator" to screen clients, prepare them for the psilocybin experience, provide supervision during the session, and offer integration services afterwards.

To become a facilitator, individuals must hold a high school diploma or GED and graduate from a state-approved facilitator training program. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) has established guidelines for these training programs, including a minimum of 160 hours of coursework, with 40 hours of in-person practicum and 120 hours of online coursework covering topics such as safety, ethics, and pharmacology.

The facilitator training courses currently approved by the OHA are offered by a variety of companies, some based in Oregon and others operating internationally. These courses reflect the diversity within the rapidly-expanding psychedelic culture and offer a range of approaches and philosophies towards the psychedelic experience. Some courses may require advanced medical or therapeutic degrees or prior experience in the field, while others may have more open enrollment requirements.

Regardless of their specific focus or requirements, all approved facilitator training courses are required to meet the OHA's guidelines and prepare students to possess the knowledge and skills necessary to practice as a psilocybin services facilitator. With the M109 program just launched, these courses provide a valuable opportunity for individuals interested in becoming facilitators and playing a crucial role in the responsible administration of Oregon's psilocybin program.

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