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Yearly 35% discount



  • Listing of course
  • Tracked outbound links
  • Listing of company
Extended Listing


/ per course

All Basic Features +

  • Priority (same week) listing
  • Extended Course Listing
  • Extended Company Listing
  • Verified Badge
  • Priority placing in overviews
  • Mention in monthly newsletter
  • Feature on our (Blossom) socials
Course Review
Best visibility


/ per course hour

Available for Extended Listings

  • Full Course Review
  • Reviewed Badge
  • Company Interview
  • Feature on our (Blossom) socials

Extended Psychedelic Course Listing

Make your course stand out!

Want to make your course stand out in the crowded online learning market? Our extended listing service guarantees priority placement in just one week, ensuring that your course gets the visibility it deserves. Plus, you will be able to provide valuable feedback to improve the listing of your course and company.

Assuming a 50% margin for additional students, you can earn back your listing fee with just a few enrollments. For example, if your course costs €50, you only need six additional students per year to break even. At €500, just two additional students will do the trick. For high-priced courses of €1500 or more, one additional student will cover the cost of your yearly listing fee.

Optimistically, you have the potential to 10x your listing fee with just a few more enrollments. For €50 courses, just 16 additional students will bring you a tenfold return. For €500 courses, 14 additional students will do the same. And for high-priced courses of €1500 or more, just 9 additional students will bring you a massive return on your investment.

Don't let your course get lost in the crowd. Sign up for our listing service today and start reaping the benefits of increased visibility and enrollment.

Yearly 35% discount
Up to €100 Course


/ per course

€100 to €1000 Course


/ per course



/ per course

Listing Features
Course Listing

Your course listed on an individual page and visible in relevant overviews. More detailed listing description (~2-3x longer wording, two feedback rounds) for extended listings.

Company Listing

Your company listed on an individual page and visible in relevant overviews. More detailed listing description (~2-3x longer wording, two feedback rounds) for extended listings.

Link Tracking

Links are always appended with '?ref=psychedelicscourses' (since 2019). Extended listings have the availability to change link tracking to own preferred system.

Verified Badge

Your course will receive a badge on the course page and in all overviews where the course is visible.

Priority Placing

Your course will be listed, or updated, within a week. We will actively monitor changes to your course (e.g. when a new cohort is available) and update your course page.

Newletter Mention

Your course will be mentioned in the Psychedelics Courses newsletter (monthly) and in The Bloom (2k subscribers, 50% open rate) when a spot (max 3) is available.

Feature on Socials

Your course will be featured on Blossom's social media (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).

Course Review

Make your course irresistable!

Are you looking for an honest and professional review of your course? Look no further!

We offer a comprehensive review service that includes a full review of your course on the course page, an in-depth interview about the course(s) you offer, and the chance to share our findings on social media. Our review service costs €100 per hour of material the course has. You can choose the number of hours you want here or add more hours in the cart.

With our review service, you'll get valuable feedback and insights that can help you improve your course and make it even more successful. We'll provide you with a full report of our findings and share our opinion on the course on social media, giving you the chance to reach a wider audience and further engage with potential customers.

So if you're looking for a professional and detailed review of your course, select an option below.

1 Hour


2 Hours


5 Hours


Course Review
Full Course Review

Detailed review of the course that highlights the content, who the course is most suitable for, and what skills students will learn.

Company Interview

An interview with your company about the courses that you offer. Length of the interview varies from written questions (1 hour), short interview of 20 minutes (2 hours), longer interview of 30+ minutes (5 hours+).

Feature on Socials

We will share the findings of the review and interview on social media including Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Information for course providers on listing psychedelic courses.

How long will my listing be on Psychedelics Courses?

All courses will be on Psychedelics Courses forever. Your course will revert back to the Basic listing within days after the Extended Listing subscription is ended. Courses that are no longer given will be removed from the overview pages.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if you aren't happy with the Extended Listing, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee within the first week after the full listing is up (so, within two weeks of payment). If for any reason you aren't happy with the listing outside of this time, please (also) contact us.

Will your Extended Listing or Course Review be positive?

No and yes. No, we will do an honest review of your course, just like we've been providing objective information on psychedelic research (on Blossom) for over three years. Yes, we will highlight for whom the course is useful and are openminded about different points of view (from the scientific to the esoteric). If we believe your course is of very bad quality or doesn't provide what is advertised, we will refund your money and revert the listing to Basic.

We have an affiliate program of our own, can we have an Extended Listing through this?

Yes, please email us with your information to make an extended listing happen through your affiliate program. We should be able to accept all verified (third party) affiliate programs.