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Earn a Psychedelic Certificate

This page lists a variety of courses that offer training and certification in working with psychedelics. These courses provide individuals with an understanding of the principles, techniques, and ethical considerations of working with psychedelics as a facilitator, integration coach, or other roles.

It's important to note that a certificate in working with psychedelics is different from an academic degree, and the value of a certificate can vary depending on the institution offering it and the content of the course. A certificate in psychedelic facilitation or integration does not qualify someone to be a psychedelic-assisted therapist. But it may grant them valuable experience and recognition as a facilitator, integration coach, or other work that is currently already possible in fully legal settings in several countries around the world, and more grey-areas in other places.

The courses cover a range of topics such as psychedelic-assisted coaching, harm reduction, and integration of psychedelic experiences into daily life. Additionally, students will learn about the various types of psychedelics, their effects, and the therapeutic potential for personal growth and development. The courses also include information about the historical and cultural context of psychedelics, and the current state of research on psychedelics.

It's worth mentioning that usually, no prerequisite training is necessary to get a certificate, which makes it more accessible, but also could make it less valuable. While a certificate may provide a good foundation of knowledge and skills, it's crucial to understand that it is not a substitute for professional training or qualifications in mental health, medicine, or other relevant fields.


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List of Courses for Earning a Certificate

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Exeter University Icon

Exeter University

PGCert Psychedelics: Mind, Medicine, and Culture

Skills you'll gain: neuroscience understanding, research methods, ethical considerations, metaphysical insights, decolonizing practice, anthropological perspectives, therapeutic techniques, practical research skills

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Monash University Icon

Monash University

Monash MDMA-assisted Therapist Training Program

Skills you'll gain: australia therapist training, mdma-assisted therapy, psychedelic training for psychiatrists

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British Transpersonal Association Icon

British Transpersonal Association

Transpersonal Psychedelic Practitioner Certificate

Skills you'll gain: facilitating psychedelic sessions, transpersonal psychology, therapist integrity

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Microdosing Institute Icon

Microdosing Institute

Microdosing Facilitator Training Program

Skills you'll gain: guiding clients with microdosing, screening clients, helping the integration process

course image
Third Wave Icon

Third Wave

Coaching Certification Program

Skills you'll gain: coaching with psychedelics, psychedelic facilitation, safety and ethics, integrating psychedelic experiences, behaviour change

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Innertrek Icon


Oregon Psilocybin Facilitator Training

Skills you'll gain: psilocybin administration, group facilitation, core facilitation skills, foundational knowledge, intake and orientation, varieties of experience, integration, ethics and responsibilities

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Mending Mindcelium Icon

Mending Mindcelium

Mending Mindcelium’s Facilitator Training Program

Skills you'll gain: safe psilocybin administration, facilitating client comfort, history and foundational knowledge, practical facilitation skills, examination assessment, competency in creating comfortable setting, asynchronous and synchronous learning

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Synaptic Icon


Psilocybin Training Program

Skills you'll gain: facilitator licensure, journal club, practical experience, group supervision, community building, healing and growth, veterans and BIPOC support

course image
Subtle Winds Icon

Subtle Winds

Psilocybin Facilitator Training Project

Skills you'll gain: psilocybin facilitation, oregon facilitation, harm-reduction, humanistic therapy

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Changa Institute Icon

Changa Institute

Oregon Psilocybin Facilitation Training Program

Skills you'll gain: facilitation skills, psychedelic medicine, mental health benefits, group management, experiential learning, peer connections, expert supervision, state requirements, professional development, therapeutic experiences

course image
Alma Institute Icon

Alma Institute

Alma Institute Facilitator Training Program

Skills you'll gain: trauma-informed care, facilitating psychedelic experiences, supporting psychedelic integration, screen and prepare clients

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Ketamine Research Institute Icon

Ketamine Research Institute

Ketamine Research Institute Training Program

Skills you'll gain:

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Beckley Academy Icon

Beckley Academy

Foundations in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic-assisted therapy, therapeutic alliance, clinical research, relational ethics, self-reflection, self-regulation, transference, countertransference, cultural responsiveness, somatic approach, non-ordinary states, client psychoeducation, integration techniques, online education, behavioural health training, mental health, psychedelic research

course image
InwardBound Icon


Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Training

Skills you'll gain:

course image
Being True to You Icon

Being True to You

Recovery & Integration Coach Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic integration, addiction recovery, personal transformation, toolkit for clients, entheogenic preparation, boundary setting, community networking, supportive coaching, transformational healing, mentorship support

course image
Psychedelic Somatic Institute Icon

Psychedelic Somatic Institute

Psychedelic Therapy Training

Skills you'll gain: integrate psychotherapy with somatic psychology, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, personal development

course image
Institute of Psychedelic Therapy Icon

Institute of Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic Assisted Training Course

Skills you'll gain:

course image
Polaris Icon


Polaris and Rainfall Certificate of Training in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Skills you'll gain: pharmacology, neuroscience, clinical applications, experiential training, safe administration, effective treatment, client care, professional ethics, networking

course image
Naropa University Icon

Naropa University

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies Certificate

Skills you'll gain: MDMA therapy competencies, ketamine therapy competencies, psilocybin therapy competencies, trauma-informed care, spiritual integration, ethical considerations, Indigenous reciprocity, social justice principles, community building, contemplative practices

course image
Fluence Icon


Postgraduate Certificate in Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration

Skills you'll gain: harm reduction techniques, integration skills, therapist training, mindfulness-based interventions

course image
Fluence Icon


Certificate in Psilocybin-assisted Therapy

Skills you'll gain: psilocybin-assisted therapy, harm reduction and integration, trauma-informed therapy, research-based methodology, professional learning environment, live in-person and live-online components, individualized feedback, online classrooms, licensing exam

course image
Berkeley University Icon

Berkeley University

Certificate Program in Psychedelic Facilitation

Skills you'll gain: spiritual care, psychotherapeutic methods, entheogenic traditions, clinical science, diversity, equity, inclusion, contemplative science, ethics, reciprocity, ecological awareness, psychedelic facilitation, positionality, cultural sensitivity, service, community engagement, critical social consciousness,

course image
Psychedelics Today Icon

Psychedelics Today

Vital Psychedelic Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic facilitator training, build your community, experience psychedelics (optional), psychedelic history & science

course image
IPI Icon


IPI Ketamine Medical Provider Online Training

Skills you'll gain: ketamine treatment basics, evidence-based protocols, various administration routes, psychedelic medicine understanding, aftercare management, ketamine practice development, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, patient selection criteria, combination therapy knowledge, telemedicine sessions, maintenance strategies, relapse prevention techniques

course image
IPI Icon


IPI Online Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training

Skills you'll gain: psilocybin facilitation, oregon pat training, therapist training, therapeutic processes

course image
MIND Foundation Icon

MIND Foundation

Augmented Psychotherapy Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic therapy skills, patient screening, treatment planning, patient preparation, psychedelic experience induction, experience monitoring, integration support, post-treatment preparation, harm-reduction communication, legal compliance, ethical challenge understanding, anthropological/medical history, self-experience relevance

course image
MIND Foundation Icon

MIND Foundation


Skills you'll gain: psychedelic science, neuropharmacology of psychedelics, history of psychedelics, drug emergencies, risk management

course image
Atma Journey Icon

Atma Journey

ATMA Advanced Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT) Certification Program

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic therapy providing, didactic curriculum, in-person coaching, clinical trial participation, multiple perspectives understanding, regulatory approval, advanced training, online coursework, live sessions, clinical trial insights, professional reference.

course image
Synthesis Icon


Psychedelic Practitioner Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic facilitation, legal competencies, professional ethics, research-backed, wisdom-rich, somatically-informed, heart-centred, preparation, set, setting, integration, safety

course image
Alef Trust Icon

Alef Trust

Psychedelics, Altered States and Transpersonal Psychology

Skills you'll gain: analyze psychedelic experiences, understand altered states, apply transpersonal psychology, review research developments, evaluate cross-cultural perspectives, analyze exceptional human experiences, understand neurobiological mechanisms, study the effects of psychedelics, understand the therapeutic use of psychedelics

course image
Fluence Icon


Postgraduate Certificate in Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy

Skills you'll gain: ketamine-assisted therapist training, facilitating ketamine therapy, helping patients decide if treatment is recommended

course image


Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research

Skills you'll gain: pharmacology of psychedelics, research design, psychedelic therapist competencies, history of psychoactive plants, cultural competencies, clinical work with MDMA, clinical work with psilocybin, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, self-reflection, community-building, embodied ways of knowing, mentoring, diversity and inclusion, navigating challenges of non-traditional therapies

course image
Mind Medicine Australia Icon

Mind Medicine Australia

Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies

Skills you'll gain: therapist training australia, MAPS protocol implementation, change theory, experiential learning

course image
Innate Path Icon

Innate Path

Innate Path Psychedelic Education Program

Skills you'll gain: personal growth, somatic processing, embodied mindfulness, inner parts work, Buddhist psychology, addressing dissociation, psycholytic therapy, trauma resolution, community building

course image
SoundMind Icon


SoundMind Psychedelic Facilitator Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic session facilitation, hands-on experience, clinical experience

course image


MDMA Therapy Training Program

Skills you'll gain: therapist training, experiential learning, MDMA-assisted therapy, inner healing wisdom

Information on Earning a Psychedelic Certificate

Earning a psychedelic certificate is a way for individuals to gain knowledge and understanding of the principles, techniques, and ethical considerations of working with psychedelics. These certificates can be earned through a variety of courses, and they may vary in terms of content, length, and the institution offering them.

Holding a psychedelic certificate can open up opportunities to work with psychedelics in various settings. It may allow individuals to work as facilitators, integration coaches, or in other roles that involve working with psychedelics. Some certificates may even allow people to work with ketamine, in some cases. However, it's important to note that a certificate in working with psychedelics does not qualify someone to work with psychedelics in mental health situations. It does not provide the necessary training or qualifications to work as a therapist, counselor, or any other mental health professional.

It's crucial for individuals to understand the limitations of a certificate in working with psychedelics and the importance of professional training and qualifications in mental health, medicine, or other relevant fields when working with psychedelics in a therapeutic setting. However, for those who are interested in other roles such as facilitation, integration coaching or other psychedelic related work, a certificate can provide valuable knowledge and skills to work safely and responsibly with psychedelics in legal or grey area settings.

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