Transpersonal Psychedelic Practitioner Certificate

Transpersonal & Psychedelic Practitioner Certificate is a program that trains participants to become competent and ethical psychedelic facilitators.

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Course Description

Transpersonal & Psychedelic Practitioner Certificate is a program that trains participants to become competent and ethical psychedelic facilitators. The program consists of two levels: Level I (Psychedelic Theory) and Level II (Psychedelic Practical).

Level I (Psychedelic Theory) is an online course that covers the basics of Transpersonal Psychology, the history and legalities of psychedelics, and the six core competencies for psychedelic facilitation: Empathetic Abiding Presence, Trust Enhancement, Knowledge of the Physical and Psychological Effects of Psychedelics, Therapist Self-Awareness, and Ethical Integrity, Proficiency in Complementary Techniques, and Spiritual Intelligence. The course runs from October 1st, 2023, to March 31st, 2024, and involves weekly videos, online community discussions, and monthly live meetings.

Level II (Psychedelic Practical) is a hands-on course that involves three retreats to the Netherlands. The first retreat is a participatory experience where participants undergo a psychedelic ceremony with pre/post-integration. The second retreat is an assistant role where participants help facilitate a psychedelic ceremony for others. The third retreat is a facilitator role where participants lead a psychedelic ceremony under supervision. The completion of each retreat depends on the experience and performance of the participants.

The program aims to prepare participants to safely and effectively support clients who seek psychedelic therapy for various mental health issues. The program also provides opportunities for personal growth and transformation through psychedelic experiences.

You will learn:

  • What is Bwiti?
  • Roles in Bwiti initiation/treatment
  • Instruments in Bwiti: ngombe, mogongo
  • What is an Nganga
    • Maboundi/Yombo
    • Maboundi/Yombo
  • Sustainability/reciprocity

You will learn:

  • History of the Fang tradition
  • Dissumba vs. Dissumba Fang
  • Ombwiri/Mbumbayano Fang
  • The kambo
  • State of Fang Bwiti in Gabon
  • Impact of Westerners coming to work with the sacred wood

You will learn:

  • History of the Missoko tradition
  • Various branches of Missoko initiation:
    • Miobe/Mioba
    • Ngonde Na Dipuma
    • Sengedia
  • The impact of logging on the tradition
  • What the future of Bwiti could look like in Gabon

You will learn:

  • History of Dissumba
  • Various branches of Dissumba initiation:
    • Abanji/Mabanji
    • Ilombo
    • Ombwiri
    • Ombudi
    • Loro
  • The ngombe (sacred harp)
  • Healing rituals involved in her tradition
  • Training to serve the wood
    • What does it involve?
    • How long does it take?




About Instructor

Tatayo (“Fruit of the Wind”) first arrived in Gabon in 1971 at the age of 21 and became a Gabonese citizen. In 1979, he became the first white person to be initiated into the Bwiti Fang tradition in Gabon. In 1994, he was initiated into the Misokko tradition. As a guide for numerous expeditions and missions, including those of National Geographic, the BBC, and others, Tatayo is considered to have “opened the door” to westerners in Gabon.

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