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Earn a Psychedelic Certificate

Welcome to our comprehensive listing of certificate courses dedicated to the fascinating world of psychedelic studies. Our catalogue is meticulously designed for those aspiring to become adept in navigating the realms of psychedelic facilitation, integration coaching, and various other roles within this groundbreaking field.

Understanding Psychedelics: Each course we list delves deep into the foundational principles, advanced techniques, and critical ethical considerations essential for anyone working with psychedelics. These immersive educational experiences equips participants with a holistic understanding of psychedelic substances, not only from a scientific perspective but also considering their historical, cultural, and therapeutic contexts.

Distinguishing Certificates and Degrees: It's pivotal to recognize that a certificate in psychedelic facilitation or integration, while valuable, differs significantly from an academic degree. The prestige and utility of each certificate vary depending on the issuing institution and the depth of the course content. While these certificates do not qualify one as a psychedelic-assisted therapist, they do provide substantial experience and acknowledgment in roles legally recognized in numerous countries and in more ambiguous legal frameworks elsewhere.

Course Curriculum: The courses encompass a variety of key topics such as psychedelic-assisted coaching, harm reduction strategies, and techniques for integrating psychedelic experiences into daily life. They provide an in-depth look at different psychedelics, exploring their effects and potential for personal and psychological growth. Additionally, students will gain insights into the latest research developments in the field of psychedelics.

Accessibility and Value: Notably, many of these courses do not require prior training, making them accessible to a wide audience. However, it's crucial to understand that while these certificates offer a solid foundation in the field, they should not be seen as substitutes for professional qualifications in mental health, medicine, or related areas.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey and gain valuable skills and knowledge in the realm of psychedelics? Dive deeper into our course listings and take the first step towards earning your certificate in this exciting and evolving field.

Learn more about psychedelic certificates with our Q&A that you can find at the bottom of the page.


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List of Courses for Earning a Certificate

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Numinus Icon


Numinus Certification Pathway Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic therapy, interactive evidence, theory reviews, audio-visual design, case-based learning, experiential learning, in-person shadowing, quality care, molecular foundations, practical applications, ketamine-assisted therapy, psilocybin-assisted therapy, mdma-assisted therapy

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Clerkenwell Health Icon

Clerkenwell Health

Psychedelic Practitioner Foundations Programme

Skills you'll gain: understanding mental disorders, psychotherapy evidence, psychedelic introduction, phenomenology, therapy limitations, patient perspectives, risk assessment, ethics, legal implications

course image
University of Amsterdam Icon

University of Amsterdam

The Psychedelic Universe

Skills you'll gain: historical analysis, cultural interpretation, anthropological study, sociological exploration, ethical reasoning, political understanding, interdisciplinary research, critical thinking, global perspectives, spiritual insights

course image
BeckleyMed Icon


Bmed Global Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Training

Skills you'll gain: clinical psychedelic use, altered consciousness guidance, personal transformation, humanistic psychology integration, transpersonal psychology techniques, neuroscience fundamentals, neuropharmacology understanding

course image
Southwestern College Icon

Southwestern College

Psychedelic Studies Certificate Program

Skills you'll gain: research analysis, ethical decision-making, neuroscience insights, therapeutic modalities, safety protocols, clinical applications

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Saba Cooperative Icon

Saba Cooperative

Interfaith Psilocybin Facilitator Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic guidance, interfaith integration, energetic space management, participant autonomy, mystical tool use, cross-cultural understanding, ethical conduct, journey facilitation, spiritual practices, licensure compliance

course image
Exeter University Icon

Exeter University

PGCert Psychedelics: Mind, Medicine, and Culture

Skills you'll gain: neuroscience understanding, research methods, ethical considerations, metaphysical insights, decolonizing practice, anthropological perspectives, therapeutic techniques, practical research skills

course image
British Transpersonal Association Icon

British Transpersonal Association

Transpersonal Psychedelic Practitioner Certificate

Skills you'll gain: facilitating psychedelic sessions, transpersonal psychology, therapist integrity

course image
Microdosing Institute Icon

Microdosing Institute

Microdosing Facilitator Training Program

Skills you'll gain: guiding clients with microdosing, screening clients, helping the integration process

course image
Third Wave Icon

Third Wave

Coaching Certification Program

Skills you'll gain: coaching with psychedelics, psychedelic facilitation, safety and ethics, integrating psychedelic experiences, behaviour change

course image
Innertrek Icon


Oregon Psilocybin Facilitator Training

Skills you'll gain: psilocybin administration, group facilitation, core facilitation skills, foundational knowledge, intake and orientation, varieties of experience, integration, ethics and responsibilities

course image
Synaptic Icon


Psilocybin Training Program

Skills you'll gain: facilitator licensure, journal club, practical experience, group supervision, community building, healing and growth, veterans and BIPOC support

course image
Subtle Winds Icon

Subtle Winds

Psilocybin Facilitator Training Project

Skills you'll gain: psilocybin facilitation, oregon facilitation, harm-reduction, humanistic therapy

course image
Changa Institute Icon

Changa Institute

Oregon Psilocybin Facilitation Training Program

Skills you'll gain: facilitation skills, psychedelic medicine, mental health benefits, group management, experiential learning, peer connections, expert supervision, state requirements, professional development, therapeutic experiences

course image
Alma Institute Icon

Alma Institute

Alma Institute Facilitator Training Program

Skills you'll gain: trauma-informed care, facilitating psychedelic experiences, supporting psychedelic integration, screen and prepare clients

course image
Ketamine Research Institute Icon

Ketamine Research Institute

Ketamine Research Institute Training Program

Skills you'll gain: ketamine infusion, evidence-based didactics, supervised clinical experience, APA and ASA compliance, Precision Medicine approach, Target-Controlled Infusion, mood disorder treatment

course image
Beckley Academy Icon

Beckley Academy

Foundations in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic-assisted therapy, therapeutic alliance, clinical research, relational ethics, self-reflection, self-regulation, transference, countertransference, cultural responsiveness, somatic approach, non-ordinary states, client psychoeducation, integration techniques, online education, behavioural health training, mental health, psychedelic research

course image
InwardBound Icon


Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic therapy, safe use, integration principles, science, spirituality, transpersonal psychology, ancestral wisdom, healing, transformation, nature connection, retreat facilitation

course image
Being True to You Icon

Being True to You

Recovery & Integration Coach Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic integration, addiction recovery, personal transformation, toolkit for clients, entheogenic preparation, boundary setting, community networking, supportive coaching, transformational healing, mentorship support

course image
Psychedelic Somatic Institute Icon

Psychedelic Somatic Institute

Psychedelic Therapy Training

Skills you'll gain: integrate psychotherapy with somatic psychology, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, personal development

course image
Institute of Psychedelic Therapy Icon

Institute of Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic Assisted Training Course

Skills you'll gain: engaging deep psyche, integrating therapeutic modalities, understanding psychedelic literature, applying archetypal psychology, implementing transpersonal psychology, practicing psychodynamic models, utilizing attachment models, working with embodied models, addressing intergenerational trauma

course image
Polaris Icon


Polaris and Rainfall Certificate of Training in Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Skills you'll gain: pharmacology, neuroscience, clinical applications, experiential training, safe administration, effective treatment, client care, professional ethics, networking

course image
Naropa University Icon

Naropa University

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies Certificate

Skills you'll gain: MDMA therapy competencies, ketamine therapy competencies, psilocybin therapy competencies, trauma-informed care, spiritual integration, ethical considerations, Indigenous reciprocity, social justice principles, community building, contemplative practices

course image
Fluence Icon


Postgraduate Certificate in Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration

Skills you'll gain: harm reduction techniques, integration skills, therapist training, mindfulness-based interventions

course image
Fluence Icon


Certificate in Psilocybin-assisted Therapy

Skills you'll gain: psilocybin-assisted therapy, harm reduction and integration, trauma-informed therapy, research-based methodology, professional learning environment, live in-person and live-online components, individualized feedback, online classrooms, licensing exam

course image
Berkeley University Icon

Berkeley University

Certificate Program in Psychedelic Facilitation

Skills you'll gain: spiritual care, psychotherapeutic methods, entheogenic traditions, clinical science, diversity, equity, inclusion, contemplative science, ethics, reciprocity, ecological awareness, psychedelic facilitation, positionality, cultural sensitivity, service, community engagement, critical social consciousness,

course image
Psychedelics Today Icon

Psychedelics Today

Vital Psychedelic Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic facilitator training, build your community, experience psychedelics (optional), psychedelic history & science

course image
IPI Icon


IPI Ketamine Medical Provider Online Training

Skills you'll gain: ketamine treatment basics, evidence-based protocols, various administration routes, psychedelic medicine understanding, aftercare management, ketamine practice development, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, patient selection criteria, combination therapy knowledge, telemedicine sessions, maintenance strategies, relapse prevention techniques

course image
IPI Icon


IPI Online Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Training

Skills you'll gain: psilocybin facilitation, oregon pat training, therapist training, therapeutic processes

course image
MIND Foundation Icon

MIND Foundation

Augmented Psychotherapy Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic therapy skills, patient screening, treatment planning, patient preparation, psychedelic experience induction, experience monitoring, integration support, post-treatment preparation, harm-reduction communication, legal compliance, ethical challenge understanding, anthropological/medical history, self-experience relevance

course image
MIND Foundation Icon

MIND Foundation


Skills you'll gain: psychedelic science, neuropharmacology of psychedelics, history of psychedelics, drug emergencies, risk management

course image
Therapsil Icon


TheraPsil's Training Program

Skills you'll gain: patient-rights advocacy, psychological assessment, patient referral, understanding psychedelic therapy, knowledge of neurobiology, knowledge of neuropharmacology, understanding consciousness models, patient preparation techniques, session integration techniques

course image
Atma Journey Icon

Atma Journey

ATMA Advanced Psychedelic-assisted Therapy (PaT) Certification Program

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic therapy providing, didactic curriculum, in-person coaching, clinical trial participation, multiple perspectives understanding, regulatory approval, advanced training, online coursework, live sessions, clinical trial insights, professional reference.

course image
Synthesis Icon


Psychedelic Practitioner Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic facilitation, legal competencies, professional ethics, research-backed, wisdom-rich, somatically-informed, heart-centred, preparation, set, setting, integration, safety

course image
Alef Trust Icon

Alef Trust

Psychedelics, Altered States and Transpersonal Psychology

Skills you'll gain: analyze psychedelic experiences, understand altered states, apply transpersonal psychology, review research developments, evaluate cross-cultural perspectives, analyze exceptional human experiences, understand neurobiological mechanisms, study the effects of psychedelics, understand the therapeutic use of psychedelics

course image
Fluence Icon


Postgraduate Certificate in Ketamine-assisted Psychotherapy

Skills you'll gain: ketamine-assisted therapist training, facilitating ketamine therapy, helping patients decide if treatment is recommended

course image


Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research

Skills you'll gain: pharmacology of psychedelics, research design, psychedelic therapist competencies, history of psychoactive plants, cultural competencies, clinical work with MDMA, clinical work with psilocybin, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, self-reflection, community-building, embodied ways of knowing, mentoring, diversity and inclusion, navigating challenges of non-traditional therapies

course image
Mind Medicine Australia Icon

Mind Medicine Australia

Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies

Skills you'll gain: therapist training australia, MAPS protocol implementation, change theory, experiential learning

course image
Innate Path Icon

Innate Path

Innate Path Psychedelic Education Program

Skills you'll gain: personal growth, somatic processing, embodied mindfulness, inner parts work, Buddhist psychology, addressing dissociation, psycholytic therapy, trauma resolution, community building

course image
SoundMind Icon


SoundMind Psychedelic Facilitator Training

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic session facilitation, hands-on experience, clinical experience

course image


MDMA Therapy Training Program

Skills you'll gain: therapist training, experiential learning, MDMA-assisted therapy, inner healing wisdom

Information on Earning a Psychedelic Certificate

Earning a psychedelic certificate is a way for individuals to gain knowledge and understanding of the principles, techniques, and ethical considerations of working with psychedelics. These certificates can be earned through a variety of courses, and they may vary in terms of content, length, and the institution offering them.

Holding a psychedelic certificate can open up opportunities to work with psychedelics in various settings. It may allow individuals to work as facilitators, integration coaches, or in other roles that involve working with psychedelics. Some certificates may even allow people to work with ketamine, in some cases. However, it's important to note that a certificate in working with psychedelics does not qualify someone to work with psychedelics in mental health situations. It does not provide the necessary training or qualifications to work as a therapist, counselor, or any other mental health professional.

It's crucial for individuals to understand the limitations of a certificate in working with psychedelics and the importance of professional training and qualifications in mental health, medicine, or other relevant fields when working with psychedelics in a therapeutic setting. However, for those who are interested in other roles such as facilitation, integration coaching or other psychedelic related work, a certificate can provide valuable knowledge and skills to work safely and responsibly with psychedelics in legal or grey area settings.

Question & Answer on Earning a Psychedelic Certificate

What is the Difference Between a Psychedelic Certificate and a Degree?

A psychedelic certificate, while valuable for gaining experience in psychedelic facilitation or integration, is different from an academic degree. A certificate typically focuses on specific practical skills and knowledge related to psychedelics, but it does not qualify someone as a psychedelic-assisted therapist, unlike a formal degree in related fields.

What Topics are Covered in Psychedelic Courses?

Psychedelic courses cover a broad range of topics including psychedelic-assisted coaching, harm reduction, and integration of psychedelic experiences into daily life. They also delve into the effects of various psychedelics, their therapeutic potential, and the historical and cultural context of these substances.

When and How are Certificates of Completion Awarded in Psychedelic Courses?

In psychedelic certificate courses, certificates of completion are typically awarded upon successfully fulfilling all course requirements. This includes demonstrating ethical and professional integrity, completing all assignments, and passing a final assessment. The certificate signifies your comprehensive understanding and skills in the field of psychedelic studies and is usually presented in a virtual completion ceremony.

What are the Time Commitments for Psychedelic Certificate Courses?

Psychedelic certificate courses are generally designed as part-time programs, allowing flexibility to fit alongside your regular work and life commitments. The courses typically involve one to two meetings per week, along with lectures and homework. This structure provides a manageable pace for most participants, ensuring a balance between learning and other responsibilities.

Is a Health Screening Required to Participate in Psychedelic Certificate Programs?

Generally, a health screening is not required for participation in most psychedelic certificate programs. However, for in-person sessions that involve psychedelic-assisted experiences, such as experiential retreats with substances like psilocybin or ketamine, a health screening may be necessary to ensure the safety and suitability of participants.

Can I Speak with Faculty Members Directly in Psychedelic Certificate Courses?

Yes, direct interaction with faculty members is often possible in psychedelic certificate courses. While the core curriculum may include pre-recorded lectures, many programs also offer opportunities for live engagement. This may include monthly workshops, Q&A sessions, or other interactive events where faculty members are available for direct communication. Additionally, some programs facilitate direct contact with faculty outside of these structured sessions, enhancing the learning experience.

Is a Practicum Experience Included in the Program Tuition Fee?

Generally, the program tuition fee for psychedelic courses does not include a practicum experience. However, many programs offer an optional practicum for an additional fee, providing hands-on experience and opportunities to work with organizations and practitioners in the field. Details about this option, including the additional fee, are typically listed on the course's website.

Will the Training Help Participants Understand What is Required for Starting a Psychedelic Business?

Some intensive psychedelic certificate courses are specifically designed to prepare participants for starting a business in psychedelic coaching, integration, or facilitation. For more information on the courses that offer this kind of training, please visit: Psychedelic Business Courses.

What is the Attendance Policy of Psychedelic Certificate Courses?

The typical attendance policy for psychedelic certificate courses requires around 80% attendance. While every session is important, institutions often understand that unavoidable circumstances may arise. In such cases, students are expected to communicate promptly with their facilitators and review session recordings to stay in sync. Accommodations can be made for situations like vacations, illness, or work conflicts, provided these are communicated in advance. This approach ensures active participation while accommodating necessary absences.

Does This Psychedelic Certificate Course Offer Scholarships?

While not all psychedelic certificate courses offer scholarships, a notable minority do provide financial assistance opportunities. These scholarships aim to support individuals who need partial financial aid to participate in the training. Interested applicants are typically encouraged to fill out a scholarship application, with organizations regularly updating available opportunities and notifying potential candidates of new openings.

What Payment Methods Do Psychedelic Courses Accept?

Most psychedelic courses accept various payment methods, including major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard. Additionally, some programs offer flexible payment plans, such as monthly installments, allowing students to pay the tuition fee over an extended period. The specific payment options and plans can vary between different courses, so it's advisable to check the course website or contact the course provider for detailed information.

What is the Tuition for the Psychedelic Certificate Training Program?

The tuition for psychedelic certificate training programs varies widely, ranging from a few hundred to over ten thousand dollars. This variance largely depends on the intensity and duration of the course. Generally, more comprehensive courses with longer hours tend to be more expensive. However, it's important to note that the cost of a course is not a direct indicator of its quality. Prospective students should consider various factors, including course content, faculty expertise, and accreditation, in addition to the price.

If I Don't Enroll in the Program Now, When Will It Be Available Again?

The availability of different psychedelic certificate programs varies, as most are cohort-based and have specific start dates. The scheduling details, including the next available session for each program, are typically listed on the individual course pages. We encourage prospective students to check these pages for the most up-to-date information on program availability.

If I Have Questions About the Training and Whether or Not It is a Good Fit for Me, Can I Speak to Someone?

For inquiries about the suitability of a particular training program, we recommend visiting the individual pages of the courses listed on our site. These pages provide detailed information about each course, including contact details for the course providers, where you can get personalized advice and answers to your questions.

Do You Make Accommodations for Persons Who Are Differently-Abled?

Accessibility and inclusivity are key priorities in psychedelic certificate programs. Most institutions are committed to accommodating individuals with different abilities, striving to create equal opportunities and accessible learning environments. If you require specific accommodations, you are encouraged to contact the support teams of the respective courses, who are prepared to assist and ensure that your needs are adequately met.

Do I Need to Have Had a Personal Experience with Psychedelics to Participate in the Training?

It is not necessary to have prior personal experience with psychedelics or non-ordinary states of consciousness to participate in psychedelic certificate training programs. While many participants do have such experiences, the courses are designed to be accessible and informative for individuals regardless of their personal background with psychedelics.

Do I Need to Be a Credentialed Therapist or Life Coach to Apply for the Training?

Psychedelic Practitioner Core Training programs are generally open to a wide array of individuals, not limited to those who are credentialed therapists or life coaches. These programs welcome participants from diverse backgrounds and various levels of professional experience, emphasizing the value of a multidisciplinary approach to psychedelic studies.

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