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Subjects of Psychedelic Courses

Psychedelic courses offer a variety of subjects for individuals to explore and learn about. One popular subject is therapist training, which focuses on educating and preparing therapists to work with clients who are using or have used psychedelics in a therapeutic setting. This training may include information on the different types of psychedelics, their effects, and how to create a safe and supportive environment for clients.

Other subjects include psychedelic science, neuroscience, pharmacology, history, ethics & equity, personal use, integration, and microdosing. Each of these subjects delve into different aspects of psychedelics, providing a well-rounded understanding of the field.


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No matter what psychedelic subject you want to study, we have a course listed that can help you on your psychedelic journey.

Therapist Training
15 Courses
Oregon Training
22 Courses
Psychedelic Science
53 Courses
25 Courses
20 Courses
10 Courses
Equity & Ethics
30 Courses
Personal Use
35 Courses
20 Courses
10 Courses

Information about the Subjects of Psychedelic Courses

This page lists a variety of psychedelic courses for individuals to explore and learn about. The courses cover a range of subjects, from therapist training to Oregon training, and from psychedelic science to neuroscience. Each course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of psychedelics, their effects, and their potential uses.

Explore the different subjects to find all the courses that cover the subject. Some courses are exclusively about this subject, whilst others also cover multiple subjects in one course.

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