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Earn a Psychedelic Degree

If your goal is to work in psychedelic therapy, pursuing a degree is one of the premier routes to contributing to this new field. Though not many universities offer graduate programmes, more and more education around psychedelics is entering the mainstream.

This page lists a variety of courses that are designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the field of psychedelic therapy, pharmacy, and integration. The courses cover a wide range of topics that are essential for anyone interested in pursuing a career in this field.

Some of the courses focus on the history and current state of research on psychedelics, providing students with a thorough understanding of the various types of psychedelics and their potential therapeutic uses. These courses will also cover the ethical considerations surrounding the use of psychedelics in therapy and research, and the various methods of administering these substances. Additionally, students will learn about the integration of psychedelics into traditional therapy practices, and the potential for psychedelics to be used in the treatment of mental health conditions.

In other courses, students will learn about the pharmaceutical aspect of psychedelics, including the formulation, production, and regulation of these substances. Overall, these courses will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the field of psychedelic therapy and its potential to revolutionize mental health care.


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List of Courses for Earning a Psychedelic Degree

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Instituto Alma Viva Icon

Instituto Alma Viva

Pós-GradUação em Psicotereapia Assistida por Psicodélicos

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, holotropic breathing techniques, patient support skills, scientific research integration, clinical practice skills

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University of Pennsylvania Icon

University of Pennsylvania

Social Workers & Nurses Education Webinar

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic therapy, mental health care, FDA approval process, interdisciplinary collaboration, ethical considerations, clinical practicum, patient assessment, treatment planning, health equity

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Vancouver Island University Icon

Vancouver Island University

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Graduate Certificate Program

Skills you'll gain: practice psychedelic-assisted therapy, enhance therapeutic capacity, provide safe care, navigate complexities, interact in community, deliver psychedelic therapy, supervised practice, deliver inclusive care, manage trauma, understand medical aspects

course image
Alef Trust Icon

Alef Trust

MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology

Skills you'll gain: analyze consciousness dynamics, understand spiritual practices, evaluate transpersonal approaches, conduct research, apply integral life practices, develop self-awareness, explore higher states of being, understand psyche-soma relationship, improve critical thinking skills, apply knowledge to personal development

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Johns Hopkins University Icon

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins, Yale & NYU Psychedelic Therapist Training Program

Skills you'll gain: therapist skills - but only announced - not live yet

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University of Wisconsin-Madison Icon

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Psychoactive Pharmaceutical Investigation

Skills you'll gain: pharmacologic considerations, physiologic considerations, CNS drug development, drug delivery projects, laws and regulations, ethical principles, historical pressures, current challenges, cutting-edge discoveries, psychedelic research, cannabinoid research

Information on the state of Psychedelic Degrees

A psychedelic degree refers to a formal education program that focuses on the study of psychedelics and their potential therapeutic uses. These degrees can come in a variety of forms, including undergraduate, master's, and doctorate levels. These degrees are usually offered by academic institutions and include coursework, research, and practical training in the field of psychedelic therapy.

It's important to note that currently, there aren't many psychedelic degrees available yet, as the field is relatively new and still in the process of being established. Additionally, there are also professional certificates, such as Psychedelic-Assisted Facilitator and Psychedelic Integration Coach, which are offered by some (academic/institutional and non-academic) institutions, but they are not considered standard academic degrees and may not be recognized by all organisations.

On the other hand, a certificate in psychedelic therapy/facilitation or integration is typically a shorter program that focuses on a specific aspect of the field, such as facilitation, integration, or research. These certificates are usually offered by non-academic institutions and may not be recognized by all organisations, but they can still provide valuable training for those interested in working in the field of psychedelic therapy.

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