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This page lists a variety of free online courses that provide an introduction to the history, science, and therapeutic potential of psychedelics. These courses are perfect for beginners who are interested in learning more about psychedelics but are not yet ready to commit to a longer course or program. They offer a great introduction to the subject matter and can provide a solid foundation of knowledge before taking a more in-depth course.

The free courses available on this page cover a range of topics, including the responsible use of psychedelics, harm reduction, and integration of psychedelic experiences into daily life. They can teach people how to deal with difficult psychedelic experiences, and how to integrate those experiences into their lives in a positive way.

Some of the courses on offer are lecture series from academic institutions or psychedelic researchers. These courses offer more in-depth knowledge for free and can provide a great way to learn from leading experts in the field. They are an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in the subject matter but might not have the financial means to pay for a more expensive course.


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Berkeley University Icon

Berkeley University

Psychedelics and the Mind

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic science, historical context, cultural understanding, neuroscience basics, compound knowledge, critical thinking, contemporary debates, public opinion analysis, legal perspectives, expert insights.

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Exeter University Icon

Exeter University

PGCert Psychedelics: Mind, Medicine, and Culture

Skills you'll gain: neuroscience understanding, research methods, ethical considerations, metaphysical insights, decolonizing practice, anthropological perspectives, therapeutic techniques, practical research skills

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Cybin Icon


EMBARK Open Access

Skills you'll gain: ethical facilitation, cultural competence, trauma-informed care, psychedelic integration, mindfulness development, body-aware healing, relational support, affective-cognitive engagement

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Bonfire Icon


Psychedelics for Beginners Free Online Course

Skills you'll gain: mindset development, compound selection, proper preparation, intention setting, experience integration, community engagement

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Southern Methodist University Icon

Southern Methodist University

Plants of the Gods

Skills you'll gain: understanding religious significance, historical use, spiritual experiences, reception and rejection, therapeutic effects, social implications, consciousness role, critical evaluation, legal issues, informed discussions.

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College of DuPage Icon

College of DuPage

Psychedelic Mindview

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic science basics, classify various drugs by category, describe implications of using psychedelics in substance abuse

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Missouri Western State University Icon

Missouri Western State University

Psychedelic Science PSY 275

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic science overview, psychedelics for creativity, effects of psychedelics in the brain

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Altered States Integration Icon

Altered States Integration

Psychedelic Healing 101: A Beginners Guide

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic legal landscape, psychedelic energies, preparation for psychedelic experience

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Integrative Mental Health University Icon

Integrative Mental Health University

Integrative Mental Health: What is it?

Skills you'll gain: cultural awareness, psychedelic therapy, non-pharmaceutical options, treatment amalgamation, mental resilience, evidence-based practice, stigma reduction

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Integrative Mental Health University Icon

Integrative Mental Health University

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Skills you'll gain: KAP eligibility, session understanding, condition targeting, resource identification, off-label legality

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Modern Recovery: Veterans & Psychedelic-assisted Therapy

Skills you'll gain: understand psychedelic terminology, describe veteran health conditions, explain effects of psychedelics, prepare for psychedelic journey, integrate psychedelic experiences, discuss psychedelics with peers, summarize VETS mission

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Clerkenwell Health Icon

Clerkenwell Health

Clerkenwell Therapist Training Programme

Skills you'll gain: administering psychedelic therapy, designing research studies, facilitating psychedelic sessions, understanding psychedelic history, evaluating psychedelic safety, analyzing psychedelic efficacy, addressing ethical considerations, navigating legal considerations

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Ohio State University Icon

Ohio State University

Psychedelic Studies: Neurochemistry, Plants, Fungi, and Society

Skills you'll gain: chemistry, ethnobotany, history, neurobiology, psychology, policy, understanding, impact, society

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University of Ottowa Icon

University of Ottowa

Microprogram Psychedelics and Spirituality Studies

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic history, harm reduction, spiritual aspects of plant medicines

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Maastricht University Icon

Maastricht University

Psychedelic Medicine: The Therapeutic Potential of Mind-Altering Substances

Skills you'll gain: defining psychedelics, explaining neurobiology, understanding historical context, differentiating effects, assessing therapeutic applications, conducting psychedelic research, communicating effectively

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Synthesis Icon


Guiding the Unbound Mind

Skills you'll gain:

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Psychedelics Today Icon

Psychedelics Today

Psychedelics and Religious Liberty in the United States

Skills you'll gain: religious protections, psychedelic use and law in the US, federally protected psychedelic use

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Psychedelic Support Icon

Psychedelic Support

Psychedelic Support Free Courses

Skills you'll gain: understanding psychedelics, recognizing effects, dosing knowledge, ensuring safety, historical context, terminology proficiency, therapeutic applications, cultural sensitivity, harm reduction principles, risk assessment, integration strategies

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Naropa University Icon

Naropa University

Introduction to Psychedelic Therapies

Skills you'll gain: harm reduction, ethical considerations, interdisciplinary understanding, psychedelic-assisted therapy, safety protocols, palliative care

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Fluence Icon


American Trip Webinar

Skills you'll gain: history of psychedelic use, set and setting within cultural context

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Berkeley University Icon

Berkeley University

Psychedelic Science at Berkeley

Skills you'll gain: psychedelic research overview, expert insights, current state of research, therapeutic applications, policy reform, activism, sacred plants, awe and mysticism, capitalism and psychedelics, therapeutic ketamine

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Psychedelics Today Icon

Psychedelics Today

8 Common Psychedelic Mistakes

Skills you'll gain: safe personal use of psychedelics, avoiding bad trips or consequences, drug testing, trip preparation

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Psychedelics Today Icon

Psychedelics Today

Spiritual Emergence or Psychosis - Webinar

Skills you'll gain: what is psychosis, alternative view on mental health issues, spiritual emergence resources

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Alien Insect Icon

Alien Insect

Psychedelic Neuroscience Master Course

Skills you'll gain: cellular neurobiology, information processing, world-building, brain activity, pharmacology, psychedelic drug action, receptors, signalling pathways, classic psychedelics, DMT, reality channel switch

Information about Free Psychedelic Courses

Free psychedelic courses are a great way for people to gain a deeper understanding of psychedelics and the potential benefits they can offer. These courses are designed to provide an introduction to the subject matter and can be a perfect starting point for those who are new to the field. They are a great way to learn about the history and science of psychedelics and the therapeutic potential they can offer.

One of the benefits of taking free psychedelic courses is that they can provide a solid foundation of knowledge before committing to a longer course or program. They can also be a great way to try out different aspects of the subject matter before investing in a more in-depth course. This allows individuals to gain a better understanding of the field and determine if they want to pursue further education in psychedelics.