Ketamine Therapy Business Accelerator Program

The Ketamine Therapy Business Launch Program offers healthcare professionals comprehensive training in both clinical and business aspects.

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Course Description

The Ketamine Therapy Business Launch Program by Ketamine Academy is an online training course designed for healthcare professionals such as CRNAs, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Nurses, and Physician Associates. The course is unique in its dual focus: it not only covers the evidence-based clinical aspects of ketamine therapy but also delves into the business side of establishing a ketamine clinic. Created by experienced ketamine clinic founders and operators, the course adheres to guidelines from reputable medical associations, ensuring the content is academically rigorous and practically useful. The program aims to guide participants through becoming competent ketamine providers, from understanding the pharmacology and clinical applications to mastering the business aspects like clinic startup, marketing, and operations.

The course is structured to offer a step-by-step guide for both clinical and business aspects of ketamine therapy. It covers various topics, from understanding the mindset and goal setting to pharmacology, mental health guides, pain management, and business planning. The program also includes group coaching sessions, providing personalized guidance to avoid common pitfalls and costly mistakes. This makes it an invaluable resource for medical professionals looking to expand their practice into the growing field of ketamine therapy, offering them the tools to launch their clinics successfully and ethically.

You will learn:

  • What is Bwiti?
  • Roles in Bwiti initiation/treatment
  • Instruments in Bwiti: ngombe, mogongo
  • What is an Nganga
    • Maboundi/Yombo
    • Maboundi/Yombo
  • Sustainability/reciprocity

You will learn:

  • History of the Fang tradition
  • Dissumba vs. Dissumba Fang
  • Ombwiri/Mbumbayano Fang
  • The kambo
  • State of Fang Bwiti in Gabon
  • Impact of Westerners coming to work with the sacred wood

You will learn:

  • History of the Missoko tradition
  • Various branches of Missoko initiation:
    • Miobe/Mioba
    • Ngonde Na Dipuma
    • Sengedia
  • The impact of logging on the tradition
  • What the future of Bwiti could look like in Gabon

You will learn:

  • History of Dissumba
  • Various branches of Dissumba initiation:
    • Abanji/Mabanji
    • Ilombo
    • Ombwiri
    • Ombudi
    • Loro
  • The ngombe (sacred harp)
  • Healing rituals involved in her tradition
  • Training to serve the wood
    • What does it involve?
    • How long does it take?




About Instructor

Tatayo (“Fruit of the Wind”) first arrived in Gabon in 1971 at the age of 21 and became a Gabonese citizen. In 1979, he became the first white person to be initiated into the Bwiti Fang tradition in Gabon. In 1994, he was initiated into the Misokko tradition. As a guide for numerous expeditions and missions, including those of National Geographic, the BBC, and others, Tatayo is considered to have “opened the door” to westerners in Gabon.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This course includes

  • Modules 12
  • Duration 50 Hours
  • Skills Professional
  • Language English
  • Availability Always
  • Certificate CE
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