Imagination as Revelation

Explore the nexus of Jungian psychology and psychedelic experiences in a self-study course, Imagination as Revelation. Unlock altered states through a Jungian lens.

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Course Description

Imagination as Revelation: The Psychedelic Experience in the Light of Jungian Psychology is an at-home self-study course that explores the connection between Carl Jung’s analytical psychology and altered states of consciousness through psychedelics.

Students will gain an introduction to Jung and his life, and learn about key concepts such as the collective unconscious, archetypes, the shadow, and the process of individuation. They will also explore how Jung’s theories relate to understanding the psychedelic experience.

The course consists of five classes: Psychedelic Experience from Jungian Perspective, The Conundrum of Altered States, Encountering the Shadow, Befriending the Paradox, and Working with the Symbols of the Unconscious. It encourages diverse and open-minded thinking about the phenomenology of the psychedelic experience and integration. The course provides lifetime access to video lectures and is suitable for anyone interested in Jungian psychology and the psychedelic experience.

What you’ll learn
  • Gain an introduction to Carl Jung and his life.
  • Understand how analytical psychology may deepen one's understanding of altered states of consciousness.
  • Learn about key concepts in Jungian psychology such as the collective unconscious, archetypes, the shadow, and the process of individuation.
  • Explore the relevance of Jung's theories to understanding the psychedelic experience.
  • Encourage diverse and open-minded thinking about the phenomenology of the psychedelic experience and integration.
  • Gain knowledge about Jung's personal quest to the depths of imagination, the history of psychiatry and the main elements in Jung's theory.
  • Understand the concept of lowering the threshold of consciousness and the methods used by Jung to achieve altered states.
  • Gain insight into the Collective Unconscious and how it relates to Jung's psychological theories.
  • Learn how the content of 'bad trips' could be seen in a novel light through Jungian notion of the Shadow archetype on a personal and collective level.
  • Understand how Jung managed to transform his own struggle into something personally meaningful.
  • Be able to critically compare and evaluate parallels between Jungian concepts and the psychedelic experience.

This course takes an interesting angle by investigating the connection between Carl Jung and psychedelics. His psychological theories, which revolve around understanding the unconscious material of the psyche, make it particularly relevant for understanding the psychedelic experience, which is an exciting but largely unexplored area.

You will learn:

  • What is Bwiti?
  • Roles in Bwiti initiation/treatment
  • Instruments in Bwiti: ngombe, mogongo
  • What is an Nganga
    • Maboundi/Yombo
    • Maboundi/Yombo
  • Sustainability/reciprocity

You will learn:

  • History of the Fang tradition
  • Dissumba vs. Dissumba Fang
  • Ombwiri/Mbumbayano Fang
  • The kambo
  • State of Fang Bwiti in Gabon
  • Impact of Westerners coming to work with the sacred wood

You will learn:

  • History of the Missoko tradition
  • Various branches of Missoko initiation:
    • Miobe/Mioba
    • Ngonde Na Dipuma
    • Sengedia
  • The impact of logging on the tradition
  • What the future of Bwiti could look like in Gabon

You will learn:

  • History of Dissumba
  • Various branches of Dissumba initiation:
    • Abanji/Mabanji
    • Ilombo
    • Ombwiri
    • Ombudi
    • Loro
  • The ngombe (sacred harp)
  • Healing rituals involved in her tradition
  • Training to serve the wood
    • What does it involve?
    • How long does it take?




About Instructor

Tatayo (“Fruit of the Wind”) first arrived in Gabon in 1971 at the age of 21 and became a Gabonese citizen. In 1979, he became the first white person to be initiated into the Bwiti Fang tradition in Gabon. In 1994, he was initiated into the Misokko tradition. As a guide for numerous expeditions and missions, including those of National Geographic, the BBC, and others, Tatayo is considered to have “opened the door” to westerners in Gabon.

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This course includes

  • Modules 5
  • Duration 5 Hours
  • Skills Beginner
  • Language English
  • Availability Always
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