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A featured course will

Stand at the top of the website
And at the top of each search that contains your course
Have a more extensive course description
Either made by us or subject to our review
Get featured 4x on our (Blossom) Twitter
We will promote your course 1x p/w

By featuring a course, more students will be able to find your offering!

Currently the costs of featuring a course are between €/$50-200 per month.
4 spots available per month ✦ clicks and views tracked ✦ 20% of revenue is donated to charity

Send an email to Floris if you want to feature a course.

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Floris Wolswijk - Founder

Floris is responsible for most thing you see on the website. He is currently making this website as complete and ready for a 'version 1' as possible. In the meantime he is also looking to recruit others to help build out this information platform.

Floris has studied Psychology (2008-2012) at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After finishing his Masters degree, he co-founded a start-up in a different field. Through first personal experiences with psychedelics and subsequently an encounter with the scientific literature, he fell in love with the psychedelics field. He hopes to play a small part in making psychedelics more widely available and being used both in medicine and for self-development.